Are you leaving money on the table or worse....losing it?

Discover the Most Effective Way to Develop Unstoppable Confidence, Elevate Your Life and Business, and Make a Bigger Impact! 

 Get more done and reach your goals with the
Confident Advantage Blueprint

creating a captivating confidence,

So that
you can become that fierce, fabulous, phenomenal women you know you are,

sacrificing all your time, having to get your own PhD or spending a fortune!

Feeling stuck, lack confidence, ready for more for your life and business?

You're avoiding speaking opportunities because you don't feel comfortable or confident on stage.
You're confused on how to create a marketable authentic image.
You haven't made the connection between your confidence level and your income level. 
You know deep down you're a badass boss babe but you're not charging what you're worth, because you lack confidence in yourself and the value of what you have to offer. 
You attend and sign up for workshops but the fear of being seen or failing increases your self-doubt and stops you from implementing or even completing the program.
Regardless of what's held you back, it's time you move forward!

Let's Talk About Your Image for a Moment.

What does that have to do with anything.......
Everything Sister!
The naysayers will have you believe it's only about what you know. They're wrong! Competence does not equal confidence!

Your Confidence
What you wear has a profound psychologial influence on how you feel about yourself. It's a physical representation of what's going on inside. When you don't feel confident it shows; and when you don't feel confident you can not perform at your best.
Your Reputation
It takes 1/10 of a second for others to form an impression of you and determine whether or not you're someone they want to work with. Even after they talk to you it does not significantly alter that initial impression!
Your Marketing
An inauthentic and poor image misaligned with your brand message will negatively impact your potential clients and customers. In other words, if you say your the "best" at what you do but don't "look" like it, there's a disconnect in the minds of your "buyers."
Your Life & Business
A confident image is NOT about fashion...at all. It's a self-awareness, self-discovery process that brings clarity in your life and business to live your purpose and achieve your business objectives, goals, and dreams. 
...and by that I mean you should act NOW!
You're ready to discover & express your authentic self, values, and essence.
You know in today's marketplace it's all about authenticity, as well as attracting and connecting to your tribe.  It's time to rediscover and reconnect to your values, your passion, your purpose and your why and accurtely project that out to the world. Become the best version of you for a better business.
You're ready to squash those limiting beliefs & get a mindset to achieve your goals.
I know you're tired of hitting that mental glass ceiling that prevents you from taking that next step to your dreams. You also know you can't dream big when you think small so you want that confidence needed to inspires you and visually affirm your goals.
You're ready to step up and and show up powerfully.
You're sick and tired of that mean girl in your head telling you what you can't do, how you can't show up, and that you need to just sit quietly. It's time to shut that b*!@h down and take  command of negative self-talk, learn the importance of self-talk, and how to take an appreciative approach to your life and business so you can get seen & even get on stage.
You're ready to leverage your image to support your branded message.
Aren't you sick and tired of looking like everybody else? Not having a signature style that communicates authority and leadership! Let your walk and talk match with a confident image both in person, on stage,  and digitally.
...and here's why
The "Deep Thought" Program

While you'll do some deep thinking in this program, it's not just about "positive thinking and meditation techniques." These things are great tools but are not enough to bring a significant shift in your confidence and business. You need tools, accountable, and plan to increase your income and build a successful business.
The "Stylist" Program

Yes, we'll talk about what you wear but it's absolutely not what you think. We'll talk about a "branded image" that will support your goals of building a profitable business. What you wear emerges out of who you are and what you need to build confidence + ensure authenticity and alignment with your brand. This program weds image, branding, and business savvy.
The "Warrior" Program

These programs focuses on just confidence building skills and techniques, but leaves out how to leverage your appearance, presence and wardrobe in increasing and sustaining a confident image. You can't have one without the other and you'll get that in this program. In this program you'll learn how to leverage that image to attract your ideal clients and create a business you love.
...and have the pictures to prove it but I'm not going that far!
Ever wonder the real reason Superheroes wear costumes?

I'll answer that question below, but first I want to share a bit about myself and why I'm the real deal.

​I’m Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, Confident Image Coach, NLP Master and Shoe Fanatic, and what I do best is help women on the brink of change or something amazing – professionals, entrepreneurs, and women of influence – move to the next level of success by taking hold of their authentic essence, confidence and appearance.

Why? Because I know a secret: Everything is linked. Your mindset, your confidence and your clothes. Your presence and others perceptions. What you show to the world, how you value yourself and what you have to offer and what you receive in return.

This is about a transformative shift. A transformative shift that will give you greater self-confidence, move you from a limited mindset to a growth mindset, and one that would make you feel like the powerhouse phenom that you are. It’s about saving the world, Wonder Woman style.

​The truth is, when you're not confident you don't look or feel your best AND you don't do or give your best. You make bad investment decisions.  You start to feel like an imposter, a fake, and you simply don't put yourself out there.

I mean...how can you change the world when you lack the confidence to act?

Truth is, when you get stuck in that loop, it's almost impossible to get off without some help. 

And we can’t have that now can we? ;)

When you work with me, I bring over 25+ years of legal, business, organizational management, communication and image experience with me. And yes I have degrees to back it up. The Doctor's in the house. 

(Excuse me while I make my parents proud)
I have a JD (juris doctorate) & practiced labor and employment law for 10 years;
I have a PhD in human develoment and social psychology, was an Associate Professor & Associate Dean;
I have two Master's one in human development and the other in organizational behavior and was the Director of an organizational development Master's program;
I have a BA in comminication; and 
I'm a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, a Certified Image and Corporate Consultant, and a Liscensed Fashion Feng Shui Master. 


But most importantly, I bring my own personal experience changing my entire life with what is now known as the Confident Advantage Blueprint.

Yep: One of the most important things I ever did for myself was to clear on who I am, what I want, and what to do and change to get there.

​I had a low point in my life when I lost a sense myself, lost my confident and lost who I was. I had recently become  a new mom and was ecstatic but soon after I went through a divorce and all of a sudden I was a "single mother." Even with all of that education and years practicing as a lawyer, I took on the weight and negative connotations around being a "single mother." Some of you can relate to me. I thought I knew how to be a wife, I was learning how to be a new mother, and all the while I forget about me. I forgot how to show up, own my power and significance...in sum I lost my mojo.

I succumed to a dark place, a place where I felt like an imposter, unworthy, and definitely not confident.  I was playing small and not living my passion and purpose. You see life has a way of pulling you inside out and flipping you upside down, and if you don't have a strong sense of who you are it may leave you defeated.

​It took a massive car accident to wake me up. After multiple surgeries and six months in a wheel chair I took a sober look at my life. I looked at the poor example I was setting for my children,  my dissatisfication with my career,  and how I was living life with a defeated mindset. As I healed and started walking again the first thing I did was CHANGE MY CLOTHES to CHANGE MY MINDSET to CHANGE MY LIFE

What often gets overlooked on the path of reclaimation is your clothing. It's dismissed as irrelevant, trival and a frivolous by-product of the vain and self-involved. Sister, nothing could be further from the truth!

Not only did I start to feel better about myself, my life started to change. And even better? My career took off, too.

When I upgraded my image, reclaimed my confidence, and implemented my business savvvy I was able to build an award-winning jewelry business, coach executives, help women build impactful businesses, rack up TV and magazine appearances, finish my PhD and launch my own six figure consulting practice.

And now, I believe it’s your time.  Now I bring it all (my education, my experience, my skills, my results) to help fempreneurs go from dream, to do, to done!

Don’t miss this opportunity to uplevel YOU

Oh....and why do Superheroes where costumes? Because it represents their brand, instills trust in the hearts and minds of everyone who sees them, and it gives the confidence they need to get the job done!

So, are you with me?
You can close your eyes if you want, but do it after you read this!
You're the most fierce, fabulous, creative women you know who...

Has it “all together” in your business/career – who looks poised, polished and professional and rocks a killer signature lipstick, all while scoring incredible clients and accolades.

Is strong-willed, successful, not afraid to act and share your brilliance, and always ready to kick ass and save the day, Wonder Woman style (even with your Spanx).

Adores every inch of you, owns every room you saunter into (with a hair flip and a wink), giggles every time you look at your bank statement, travels on a dime, and embraces your  significance!

Can you see it?? Then you're ready for the Confident Advantage Blueprint!
"I'm trying to free your mind. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it."
 ~Morpheus from the Matrix
Say Hello To....

A program for women professionals ready to take their image to the next level and upgrade their life and business.

The Confident Advantage Blueprint will help you gain the confidence you need to reach our goals, get more done, make a bigger impact, and transform your ho hum business to a powerful one so you can go from settling to shining and from ordinary to extraordinary.

Look I know you're drowning in offers and options promising you everything but a new car. That's why I'm offering a 3-Module course in easy digestable pieces that's self-paced and with a lot of bonuses to really help you get what you need to stop dreaming of what you want but get a handle of what you need to do to get what you want!

Module 1
It starts with knowing where you are, how you're perceived and mapping where you want to be.
Dive into the internal work required to make those big income and impact leaps you want and need happen now.
How to choose a mindset that matches your desired income level.
Uncover the barriers, obstacles, and self-sabatoging behaviors to confidence.
Module 2
Next we'll dive into dressing with mindfulness and intention so that your clothes express your authenticity and attract your deepest desires.

Learn the best way to use your Style D.N.A.™ (Distinguishable Necessary Attributes) and the key components to building a powerful wardrobe.

Uncover your authentic essence from one of the 5  signature energetic brands.
Find out how  to use your elemental energetic story to gain better insight into how to leverage your wardrobe to achieve success in life and business.
Module 3
Finally, before you can reach your dream destination you'll need to create a plan of action.
Discover whether or not you're on the right track in your business.
Find out a foolproof way to meet your milestones and deadlines.
Uncover the art of self-promotion, how to deal with change and expansion, outsourcing, and scaling.
Wouldn't it be awesome to...

Figure out who YOU really are and get to know your Distinguishable Necessary Attributes (plus learn why this matters SO much when it comes to getting what you want)

Get the confidence you need to believe in yourself and take action on your goals and dreams. 

Uncover your true message & brand (and learn how to make sure every action you take – yes, including what you wear – reflect that)

Figure out how to put it all together, stop playing small & gain the confident advantage that will situate you as a leader (and income producer) in your field!

All in the most practical and fabulous program to help you get The Confident Advantage!
The Confident Advantage Includes:
It's easy to get started today. Try the PAYMENT PLAN: 
$157 /3 payments
  • Same access with ALL the BONUSES! 
  • Billed every 2 weeks!
  • Convenient Payment Plan
  • First  payment today!
  • Full Access to 3 content-rich modules
  • Downloadable workbooks and audios for each module. 
  • BONUS 1: "Make it Happen" Implementation Module to take you from attempt to done!
  • BONUS 2: Cordelia Gaffar's eBook "7 Days & Ways to Energize Me" & 30 Day FREE Access  to the Take Care of You Community to invest in your health!
  • BONUS 3: Carolyn Shadrach's Audio Recording  "The Client Attraction Code: Unlocking the Secret of Authority Branding and Getting Paid" 
  • BONUS 4: Evolve's  Financial Kit with Excel spreadsheets and checklists to get your financial management system in order
You've got questions, I've got answers!
The Confident Advantage officially opens on Tuesday, April 18th. You'll get an email and login information the day before with all the information you'll need to get started!
Each module should take about 1 (fun!) week to work through. Can’t keep up with that pace? No sweat. You have access to your downloaded materials forever, so you can always work and go at your own pace.
You'll get access to ALL of the Bonuses at the same time Module 3 opens up!
Because of the nature of this program (it’s digital and you can keep the materials forever + ever), there are no refunds. Please consider this when purchasing.
On the surface, it might look like we’re just focusing on confidence and mindset, and you know what? You're right, but there's SO MUCH MORE. Once you improve your deserve level you'll stop thinking in minimum wage terms, and once you learn how to IMPLEMENT you'll stop living just in your hopes and dreams. The world needs what you have to offer so it's time you stepped out of the shadows. Trust me, the world will reward you.
Love Notes
From my "tribe" and happy fans!
Working with Carol changed not only me, but my business!
Twila Kaye, Creator of the Millionaire Map™
"I lacked clarity and was ready to give up but I heard Carol speak about the power of your appearance and decided to see if there was a connection. Well, it absolutely was! I not only have a renewed confidence, I have a closet filled with clothes that fit who I am.

I have gained two large retainer clients, 5 VIP Day clients, and 3 signature program clients.  My revenue has increased over $5,000 per month steadily for the past 3 months. People ask was it worth it and I always say, ‘I would have paid her $10,000 for what the process did for me!’”

Your process helped me to restore my confidence. I feel reborn!
Lane' Bigsby, Owner
Something Borrowed
"Carol Parker Walsh helped transform my professional image into something that reflected ‘me.’ In the process, I had huge ‘aha’ moments as I realized the root of much of my self confidence, self esteem, and image issues and how it was impacting my life and business. Thank you, Carol! your process helped me to restore my confidence and I feel comfortable owning my significance. I feel reborn!"
I have people coming to me asking to work with me!
Kathy Kidd, CEO
Kidd Marketing
"I feel amazing. I had no idea how bad it was or how bad I actually felt. Now I’m excited about going out and showing up! I’ve received so many compliments and people actually thought I’d lost weight! I have people coming to me asking to work with me and my business has tripled and I’ve hit a 6-figure year already! The system works! Thank you!!"
Whenever I put on my clothes now, I instantly feel like the best version of myself.
Meghan Hamilton, CEO
GlamBeauty Bar & Hadley & Co.
I had such a phenomenal experience.I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I needed to look professional, authoritative, fun and GORGEOUS for my website & the launch of my expanding company. I was feeling really unclear about how I could portray my vision through my clothing. Thank goodness for Carol! Whenever I put on the clothes now, I instantly feel like the best version of myself. I cannot stress enough how worthwhile, fun and important my experience was.